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Schiumatura Poliuretano
Schiumatura Poliuretano
Schiumatura Poliuretano
Schiumatura Poliuretano

We build polyurethane foaming plants according to the needs of our customers. Following detailed planimetric and logistic studies, we are able to provide ad hoc solutions for each user.

It is also possible to integrate various cutting lines at the plant output, so as to be able to automate the squaring, slicing or shaping processes of the blocks just made.

Industria 4.0

INDUSTRY 4.0 Ready

Our plants can be equipped with the industry 4.0 ready package.

As per regulations, thanks to the possibility of "data interchange" with company management software, digital functions are guaranteed linked to greater productivity and traceability of the processes performed. 


TecnoCutting CAD-CAM, being made entirely within our company, benefits from the possibility of specific customizations for any need.

This great versatility makes TecnoCutting CAD-CAM a software highly appreciated by users.

Personalizzazione Software


EtherCAT technology is a protocol specially developed for industry. It exploits the ethernet system, widely used for computer network systems, for data interchange between the electronic devices installed on the machine. This ensures high data processing speeds and gives the system high reliability.

TecnoCutting CAD-CAM 

Our plants can be equipped with software developed directly within our company. This ensures optimum efficiency of industrial processes and top quality electro-mechanical integration.

Software CAD-CAM
Assistenza da Remoto


The  command PC is set up for remote data exchange, which makes it possible for our technicians to carry out diagnostics of the entire plant in real time.

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