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ABRA 4.0

Pantografo Poliuretano

ABRA 4.0 is the automatic pantograph with rotating wire. Unlike blade pantographs, the abrasive force of the wire allows you to cut particularly hard materials. ABRA 4.0 is suitable for soft high density polyurethanes and rigid polyurethanes.

The possibility of equipping it with various optionals makes it a very versatile pantograph suitable for numerous types of processing.

Industria 4.0

INDUSTRY 4.0 Ready

ABRA 4.0it can be equipped with the industry 4.0 ready package.

As per regulations, thanks to the possibility of "data interchange" with company management software, digital functions are guaranteed linked to greater productivity and traceability of the processes performed. 


With the ABRA 4.0 "double automatic processing" function manages autonomously the rotation of the product during processing so as to significantly reduce production times.

Doppia Lavorazione Poliuretano


EtherCAT technology is a protocol specially developed for industry. It takes advantage of the ethernet system, widely used for computer network systems, for data interchange between the electronic devices installed on the machine. This ensures high data processing speeds and gives the system high reliability.

TecnoCutting CAD-CAM 

ABRA 4.0 is equipped with the software developed directly within our company. This ensures optimum efficiency of industrial processes and top quality electro-mechanical integration.

Software CAD-CAM
Assistenza da Remoto


The command PC of ABRA 4.0 is set up for remote data exchange, this makes it possible for our technicians to carry out diagnoses of the entire plantin real time.


TecnoCutting CAD-CAM, being made entirely within our company, benefits from the possibility of specific customizations for any need.

This great versatility makes TecnoCutting CAD-CAM a software highly appreciated by users.

Personalizzazione Software



  • Machine dimensions:

    • Maximum height: 3850 mm

    • Length: 4500mm

    • Width: 4500mm

  • Cutting area dimensions:

    • Height: 1250mm

    • Length: 2300mm

    • Width: 2300mm

  • Maximum speed:

    • Manual: 30m/min​

    • Automatic: 20 m/min

  • Weight: 2400kg

  • Wire measure: 11340 mm

  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Control software: TecnoCutting-DrCam

  • Predisposition for remote assistance

  • Predisposition for automatic line work

  • Double automatic processing

  • Press:

    • Manual​

    • Automatic

  • Automatic bench rotation 0° - 90°

  • CAD drawing software

  • Loading/unloading belts on board the machine

  • External loading/unloading belts for line production

  • Fence with automatic barrier or manual gate

  • Industry 4.0 Ready software


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